The medical benefits of CBD are well documented, proven in real life and effective in a wide variety of treatments, from pain and inflammation to Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. The CBD industry in now the world’s fastest growing, with compound annual growth rates of 147% predicted to reach 22 billion dollars by the year 2022.
Opportunity to Profit
The world’s fastest growing industry, coupled with a world class, proven management team and a series of innovative, proprietary products puts New Coastal Group shareholders in line for an unprecedented profit opportunity.
Now is the Time
Shares in New Coastal Group are undervalued compared to its future projected value, representing an excellent buying opportunity for those who can move swiftly.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of New Coastal Group, Inc. to become a dominant national brand, securing significant market share and providing long term value and
capital appreciation for its shareholders.


CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has significant medical benefits. CBD does not make patients feel "high" or "stoned," which is what makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without incurring psychoactive side effects. With it being legal in all 50 states scientific and clinical research on CBD oil is expanding rapidly. This research (much of it sponsored by the U.S. Government) underscores CBD's potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, MS, arthritis, alzheimer, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, alcoholism, and other neurological disorders. CBD also has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are now being investigated at several academic research centers around the world.

About New Coastal Group, Inc.

A Clear Strategy Forward

New Coastal Group, Inc. is building a business that will provide for an ever-growing consumer need - creating jobs, providing relief to some who suffer, and perhaps helping to solve one of our nation's most troubling epidemics.

We are applying time-tested, proven management strategies, honed over decades of successful business development. We are utilizing the best available technologies to develop innovative products and services aimed at the mass markets and promoting them with multi-media advertising campaigns in pursuit of building a dominant national brand. When we accomplish this, the rewards will be exceptional.

Coastal Updates

  • Teen Savers

    Coastal is partnering with Chapman House of Orange, Ca. and with Casa Colina Medical Center to open the first ever CBD based treatments facilities for opioid addiction. More details will emerge in the first quarter of 2019.
  • Black Water

    A Letter of Intent has been executed and we are developing plans for co-ventures related to the Coastal Poppers and beverages. We are currently working on the Poppers to change the active ingredient from a powder into a liquid and re-design the popper cap for ease of use.
  • Blaine Laboratories/Vivera Pharmaceuticals

    Their merger is complete and Coastal is working with Vivera staff on several product and service offerings.
  • Coastal Inks Deal WITH NFL Players Congress

    BECOMES OFFICIAL WELLNESS PROVIDER TO 20,000 MEMBERS New Coastal Group, Inc. has signed a formal agreement with the NFL Players Congress and is now the Official Wellness Provider to its more than 20,000 members. The agreement, which includes a multi-faceted marketing and cross promotion campaign, is the result of several months work spearheaded by Co-Founder Ron Brown. A former NFL All-Pro, Mr. Brown was able to leverage his relationship with the Players Congress to deliver this key building block for Coastal. The Agreement allows Coastal to use the title “Official Wellness Provider of the NFL Players Congress” in all our marketing materials and promotions. The Players Congress will promote Coastal on its website, to all its members and in a variety of cross promotional endeavors and events. Coastal and the Players Congress will develop products and services for former and current NFL players and for military veterans. The marketing campaign will commence in January, 2019. Players Congress is an independent NFL alumni organization that supports retired NFL players and their families by creating business partnerships and community initiatives.
  • Capitalization Update

    New Coastal Group is on track with its capitalization effort, having raised more than $2 million to date from private, accredited investors who have purchased either common stock or Convertible Notes. Close-out of the $0.50 common stock will occur on or before April 15, 2019. Management is currently preparing a new Private Placement Memorandum for a common stock offering at a higher price. Contact your Shareholder Representative right away should you desire to acquire more shares at the $0.50 price or convertible notes with a conversion price of only $0.50. Call 949-339-5500

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