New Coastal Group, Inc. intends to build a powerhouse national brand by delivering innovative, high quality products and services aimed at the mass consumer markets. Already, millions of Americans buy at least one CBD oil product per month and we believe that number is on its way to 100 million people, by 2025. Our consumer- oriented offerings will be focused on mass appeal and will address the most common ailments with safe, easy to use and effective health oil-based products that promise to improve the daily lives of our customers and generate significant profits for Coastal’s shareholders. This is an unprecedented opportunity. Never has there been an industry estimated to grow from 151 million dollars in 2018 to over 22 billion dollars by 2022. A 147% compounded annual growth rate. Early results from states that were first movers in legalizing CBD oil show that the market will likely grow to more than $50 billion annually by the mid 2020’s. At New Coastal Group, Inc., we will apply time tested, proven management techniques, honed over decades of successful business development and utilize the latest, best available technologies to build a dominant national brand. When we accomplish this, the rewards will be exceptional.